Our Story

Today we live in a generation where mass production has turned us into a disposable society. With today’s fast fashion people are more focussed on the label they are wearing rather than the quality of how & by whom the garment was constructed. But there will always be some who seek out true quality & La Biographie Couture is here to provide it - continuing centuries of tailoring tradition.

Turkey’s finest custom tailoring,
for those who appreciate the grandeur of style

Why Choose La Biographie Couture ?

  • Experience

    Established in 2012, La Biographie Couture has served its valuable local and international clientele in made to measure tailoring business with its 10 person tailoring team – 2 of which are masters within their fields. Setting out with the goal of keeping the culture of hand sewing alive, La Biographie Couture closely follows the global fashion trends and advancements.

  • Quality

    Along with prioritizing tailoring quality and experience, the fabrics that are used and preferred are equally as important. Accordingly, the exclusive fabrics, masterfully woven by Zegna, Loro Piana, Caccioppoli, Carnet, Söktaş, and Ariston, are selected carefully and designed according to the wishes and measurements of the client.

  • Ability

    La Biographie Couture aims for unconditional customer satisfaction and flawless quality in shirts and suits with its experienced and skilled studio team.

What is bespoke?

The old English word “bespoke” refers to a cloth that has been spoken for or reserved, & in tailoring culminates in a unique, handcrafted garment made expressly for a client.

The bespoke suit, with its exquisite fabrics & finish, was once reserved for the wealthy style connoisseur. Today, bespoke tailoring is a growing trend among professional ladies & gentlemen, looking beyond the regular off the peg or ‘made to measure’ garment.

Traditional bespoke clothing begins with an individual pattern prepared to the client’s measurements. This distinct characteristic separates bespoke from the ‘made to measure’ adjusted block pattern system.

Bespoke tailoring involves a series of fittings typically 3-4 & sometimes more depending on the complexity of the client’s requirements. The sequence of fittings allows the garment to be tailored to perfection.

A bespoke suit, cut to exact measurements, results in a garment that is unique & beautiful. Bespoke offers clients who appreciate premium quality clothing, garments that are precisely designed, cut, fitted & made – a very special experience.

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